360˚ Areas of Focus

For early stage companies it is important to get market validation. We provide the tools necessarily to grow including: Capital | Funding Marketing | Media Project Management E-commerce Development Sales Development | Toolkit We take a direct approach when helping companies streamline operations. Our goal for entrepreneurs during our program is to help companies get in the range of $50k-$250k in their capital and revenue strategy.
Through our program cohorts will gain access to real mentors, professional peers, subject matter experts (SMEs), advisors and other influencers. The end goal is to build life long relationship and also become a center of influence for their own respective network and successors.

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360˚ Ventures is a premier social innovation & impact investment Incubator providing mentorship for workforce professionals and diverse founders in areas not limited to financial literacy, business operations, and exit strategy planning.
Our Vision is carried from our core founders. Henry Ford had the vision that every household should own a Ford. Our Vision is every household should have a sustainable business!
Our purpose is to alleviate all barriers pertaining to poverty that prevent professionals and founders from obtaining the needed revenue streams in order to be sustainable. In a nutshell. "WE MEET PEOPLE WHERE THEY ARE AT."
Impact communities through entrepreneurship and professional training. We offer premier resources for diverse professionals, founders and early stage companies with similar agendas of solving real economic problems.
Exit Strategy Planning
This area is one of the biggest mistakes of entrepreneurs is not planning their venture all the way to the end. The most important step in the business life cycle is the exit stage. How can one plan a trip without having an end destination in clear sight. With this being said entrepreneurs can't effectively plan because they often have little to no experience in this arena. Through our process cohort will develop hands on experience in planning exits and become more comfortable in the process.