WHAT DOES COMMUNITY MEAN TO YOU? For us community is more than a place. Its an action word describing live things happening. With this said founders can only get out as much as they are willing to put in. Engagement is most important in early stage ventures. Our community is our area where entrepreneurs can get peer-to-peer accountability, supplemental education & training, hands on experience, meaningful relationships, and more. Subscribe to our newsletter below to keep up to date with our latest content and calendar.

As a BONUS, brought to you by LBA. We provide our membership access to COMMUNITY REWARDS. We will be keeping track of points via our Affiliate Program. The more our partners engage in our content and activities the higher the points. This point system will directly go into our scoring for ventures and other incentives.



We pride ourselves on our network and being Ultra-Connectors (beyond super connectors even). We go the extra mile in making sure we are intentional about adding value to our network and we like that culture to be transferred in our members and founders. Within our rewards program we provide additional incentives for our community to adopt a similar methodology.



Along the way we provide additional advertising value for our members and partners by interactive content opportunities. This is beneficial not only for accountability but also for replenishing resources and giving back. As our cohort grows in abundance it is necessary to continue to empower the next generation of thought leaders. Additional reward points and incentives are also awarded to continue to encourage and open innovation culture.



Another advantage of our community is our interactive calendar. Our members and cohort get the opportunity to submit and propose new events and activities. We also work with community thought leaders, and authorities to provide updating information about other community events. As always there we provide incentives and rewards for more engagement.


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