For us its not just about growing training. Its about education as an economic stimulator to enhance human capital and eliminate generational poverty. The key is developing solutions that solve real problems in order to build sustainability. One of our core philosophies we mention often is, "meeting people where they are at," regardless of their situation. Additionally, we want to continue to develop programming so easy to follow that a child could go through our program and will!

Moreover, development for us means more than linear growth. We are not named 360˚ Ventures for arbitrary purposes. Our model holistically adds value in every stage. The end result is a well-lubed engine that serves as a international hub for professional and entrepreneurial development.



Early stage bootstrapping is all about resourcefulness. 360˚ Ventures provides access to exclusive networks and resources that position our cohorts for world class success.



As the old saying goes, "A man|woman is only as good as his|her tools." 360˚ Ventures provides cohort with the needed toolkit that allows founders to build their DIY business in a box.



One of the toughest challenges of entrepreneurs is staying focused and staying on track. Being in an successful environment harbors belongingness and commitment. In addition, 360˚ Ventures provides accountability metrics and KPIs that allow entrepreneurs to better track and improve processes. As the saying goes, "What gets measured gets improved."


When entrepreneurs register for our premier development training they receive worksheets along the way to simplify the needed steps to success.